Enterprise APP

To hold the company in your hand

customer goals


Analisys Process

Analisys process of the business process was already done and was already deployed so the APP had to use API of the main ERP that we previously developed. 

After analyzing the customer’s preferences and having ascertained that it should contain all the features of the developed software, we moved directly to the design of the APP interface.

APP Design

Considering requirement during analysis and customer preferencies we, with our experienced UI/UX designers, designed a unique APP interface. UI/UX design was made on Figma platform. After the client’s confirmation, the development started. The choosen framework is React Native.


Victory Lap

APP delivery

As result we have created a brand new unique Enterprise native APP respecting the customer’s requests and ideas.

Developed APP is user friendly, reliable, scalable, with unique design and ready to serve entire company and its customers.

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