New project led from the Idea to the Realization for a Startup

customer goals



Analisys process took as throu discussing the project with the customer to define their requirements and evaluate every single software item. That took us to deeply understand the idea and suggest some improvements, and review some other steps. The discussion also led us to understanding the results that the UI / UX interface should have achieved.


Considering requirement during analysis and customer preferencies, we wrote the technical project. Technical project helped us to choose which technologies are more suited to the project, that in this case the choise fell for the backend on CORE and for the FrontEnd on Angular Framework. The study and realization of the UI/UX experience folllowed technical project. UI/UX design was made on Figma platform. After the client’s confirmation, the development started.


Victory Lap

Marketplace delivery

As result we have created a brand new unique Marketplace respecting the customer’s requests and ideas.

Developed product is user friendly, reliable, scalable, with unique design and ready to serve milions of people.

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