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Hi! We Code and design. We are a small business IT company striving to create just the right product for each client. We’ve been in business for fifteen years, and our clients know they can trust us for quality work and excellent support. Your goals are important to us, and we work with you to create the perfect item for every need.
We are born as the logical consequence of years of experience in the IT world. We have noticed that lately the tendency on the part of software houses to offer small and medium-sized software “packaged” to the small and medium-sized companies, that is, ready-to-customize solutions to which the end user could only adapt. As it is easy to foresee, often these kinds of solutions were abandoned. The motivation for this trend is many, one of the most important is the ever-decreasing capacity of the market to absorb the made-to-measure product and it is here that we take over.
We are a team of young and dynamic professionals, developers, designers, international IT experts. We have no geographical, language or other limits. Our office is the world.


We design, develop and manage websites and
portals with complexity to climb: from small to large enterprises.
We sew in a sartorial manner around the client 
a product equipped with the most modern technologies.

Our team of designers, interface designers, 
photographers, graphic designers and programmers will be able to masterfully
shape your ideas using the latest technologies so that your site will also be productive and the fastest of all.


We deal with the design and development of software applications, created using the best technologies available and intended for startups, small and medium-sized companies belonging to all product sectors.
We are able to respond effectively and quickly to requests of any kind and complexity.
Thanks to our international connotation and high level of skills we are able to offer the latest generation solutions at very competitive prices.


VLab is a business unit specialized in the development, design and implementation of IOS and Android Apps.
We tailor-make based on the needs of the client Android / IOS APP both native and cross-platform
The types of applications created by NOI include multi-device apps, business apps, social networks, social games, marketplaces, web applications


Thanks to decades of experience in the IT sector, VLAB is able to offer solutions that improve the performance of your business at sustainable costs. Solutions that allow you to enable and manage change, to drive innovation within your organization, adapting processes with flexibility

Vlab offers its experience and expertise by offering specialized and qualified IT consultancy in the areas of network and IT infrastructures, management and security of solutions, software solutions and backup systems.

Software Development
APP Development
IT Assistance



    OUR HQ

    Phone:  +39 3932093095

    Email:  info@vlaboratory.net

    Website: www.vlaboratory.net